SCRIPTVERSE is a collection of tutorials on several topics in HTML, CSS, C, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, AngularJS, Grunt, Jasmine, Protractor and Intel NUC. But around the time this site went live, it does not have enough materials for a reader to learn everything on a subject as the approach was to write well on a selected topic and append it along the way. However, completion is very much sought, and in time this tutorial site will become comprehensive, yet simple and concise in its contents to enable beginners to grasp the subject quickly.

Though SCRIPTVERSE was initially conceptualized to be a tutorial site on web technologies, it will be expanded to include other technologies meant for the non-browser environment also.

Every piece of code in the examples has been tested. The tutorials will be continually updated/modified.


I lived the first five years of my life at Hawakhana, Tura. There I grew up listening to the songs of Skeeter Davis, Tracy Huang, the Beatles, Maywood and watching memorable TV serials like Star Trek, Project UFO and Knight Rider. My childhood hero was Mr. Spock. They have a role in shaping my thoughts and influenced me later to take up science & mathematics. But my greatest love were dad's books at home (though I have not even learned to read properly back then) and I would skim over the issues of Sputnik monthly digest, over and over again. A lot of them have survived till this day and are still intact.

Alex & I

At Tura, I first attended UKG classes at Women's Club (now called Mt. Sinai Secondary School). The following year, my family moved to mom's ancestral place at Resu and there I resumed my schooling at Paschal English School, run by the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Thomas. It was a change to a quiet country life, but it was exciting. I remember the spring seasons of those years - bright, sunny, with colourful butterflies fluttering over our zinnia gardens. I use to fish and swim in our pond, build banana rafts, and go bird hunting with my catapult. At school, I grew fond of the classic Ladybird books from the library. Once a year, there would be a knock-out football tournament called Semington Trophy, and I would support Resu Town Club (as a lot of my uncles play there). Winters would start with foggy mornings, and nights would culminate sitting round by the fire. And during Decembers, there would be invitations from neighbours for Mi Gital, amidst piles of freshly harvested paddy in the backdrop. Christmas & New Year would herald with the hoisting of tall lighted paper stars, presence of silvery decorated Christmas Trees on people's yards, decoration lights blinking on almost every gate and the songs of Boney M everywhere. The jubilant dances to the rhythm of boisterous drum beats and age-old vernacular Christmas songs would drag late into the night and the air around would smell distinctively, mixed with smoke of burnt crackers. That was my hometown of the late 80s and early 90s. I attended Paschal English School till class VI, and thereafter I went to Don Bosco School Mendal where I completed my SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate).

I did my BSc (Maths, Physics, Computer Science) from St. Edmund's College, Shillong, and the first programming language that I learned there was PASCAL. Later, I did my MSc in Mathematics & Computing from IIT Guwahati (2005-07). My master's thesis/dissertation was titled, Numerical Methods For Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Initial-Boundary-Value Problems, where codes for computational parts were written in MATLAB.

After a brief teaching stint at JNV Mawphlang, I have been here in Bangalore since 2009 as a Web Developer.