Installation and Setup

Installing Protractor

In this tutorial, we will install and set up Protractor.

Install the protractor package globally

						sudo npm install -g protractor

During installation, the two command line tools, protractor and webdriver-manager, are also installed along with it. Check the version to see if it is installed properly

						protractor --version

It should give the version number, something like 5.0.0.

Using the webdriver-manager helper tool, download other necessary binaries

						sudo webdriver-manager update

Starting the Selenium Server

Selenium automates browser-based applications. It is written in Java. And so, starting the Selenium Server requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE). In Debian/Ubuntu systems, it can be installed executing the following commands

						sudo apt-get update
						sudo apt-get install default-jre

After the JRE installation, the Selenium Server can be started typing the command

						sudo webdriver-manager start

the result of which can be viewed at http://localhost:4444/wd/hub