Affinity Designer: Add a New Font

Affinity Designer accesses the fonts installed in your system. So to use a new font in Affinity Designer, you have to install it in your system.

Let us get a new font, say, the Anurati Font designed by Emmeran Richard. There is a version available here for personal use. Follow the link and click on the Download button.

affinity anurati font download

It comes as a ZIP folder consisting of an OTF file (Open Type Format), which is supported by macOS, and an .RTF file outlining its usage rights.

affinity anurati font download directory

Double-click on the OTF file.

affinity inside anurati font directory

A font preview window opens up.

mac font preview

Click on the "Install Font" button.

After successful installation, if you click on the Text Tool and expand the Font dropdown field in the toolbar, you will find the Anurati font in the list.

affinity anurati font dropdown

Here is Rocket Raccoon, typed with the Anurati font we just installed.

rocket raccoon Rocket Raccoon by Ryan C. CC BY-SA 2.0 . Background: HD188553, NASA/JPL-Caltech

The whole process is outlined in the official Apple support site here.