Matplotlib: Installation/Set-up

This is a short tutorial on how to install Matplotlib in macOS (10.4/Mojave).

We will use the pip package installer for Python.

First, we securely download, a bootstrapping script which enables users to install pip, setuptools and wheel in the Python environment.

					$ curl -O

Next run the below command to install pip.

					$ python3

If the installation is successful, you will see the following message in the console (version may vary).

					Successfully installed pip-19.1.1

Lastly, install Matplotlib and all its dependencies

					$ python3 -mpip install matplotlib

You can check the Matplolib version just installed straight from the termianal. Start the interactive shell for the Python interpreter.

					$ python3

You will find the interpreter in interactive mode, when the prompt consists of three greater-than signs (>>>), known as the Python REPL prompt. Run the below two commands.

					>>> import matplotlib
					>>> matplotlib.__version__
matplotlib version