C Program: Count Vowels in a File

Here, we will be counting the number of vowels (a, e, i, o , u) in a file.

We consider the same text file from our previous C program.

c program count vowels in a file

The file was tyger.txt, which consists of the first stanza of "The Tyger" poem by William Blake.

the tyger by william blake
				Tyger Tyger, burning bright, 
				In the forests of the night; 
				What immortal hand or eye, 
				Could frame thy fearful symmetry? 

The program too is similar to the previous C program, just that we declare one extra unsigned short int variable to count the number of vowels. And inside the while loop, the character read by the file pointer is checked for both lowercase and uppercase vowels.

				#include <stdio.h>
				int main() {
				   unsigned short vowels = 0;
				   char c, file[50];
				   FILE *fp;
				   printf("FILENAME: ");
				   scanf("%[^\n]", file);
				   fp = fopen(file, "r"); // 'r' opens the file in read mode
				   printf("READING THE CONTENTS OF THE FILE [ %s ]\n", file);
				   while((c = fgetc(fp)) != EOF) {
				   	  if(c == 'a' || c == 'A' || c == 'e' || c == 'E' || c == 'i' || c == 'I' || c == 'o' || c == 'O' || c == 'u' || c == 'U') {

				      printf("%c", c);

				   printf("NUMBER OF VOWELS: %hu \n", vowels);

				   return 0;

On running the program and entering tyger.txt for the prompt to enter FILENAME

					$ ./a.out
					FILENAME: tyger.txt

we get

c program read txt file and count vowels