Affinity Photo: Straighten and Crop an Image

In this tutorial we will learn how to straighten and crop an image in Serif's Affinity Photo.

1) Launch Affinity Photo.

2) Click File > Open... and open an image you want to straighten or crop (you can also press + O)

affinity photo butterfly sample

3) In the Photo Persona (default), pick the Crop Tool.

affinity photo crop tool

4) A grid appears over the image. Drag the edges or corners to adjust the crop area.

5) Now there is a Mode field (next to the Cancel button) where you can choose a crop area according to a certain fixed aspect ratio. For example, choose 1:1 mode for a perfect square crop.

affinity photo crop mode

6) Now to straighten the image, hover a little outside over any of the corners of the grid area. A rotate cursor (angle arrow, ) appears. Tilt the image clockwise/anti-clockwise as desired.

affinity photo image straighten

7) Click on the Apply button or press ENTER. There you get your straightened cropped image.

affinity photo crop apply button
affinity photo cropped image