Affinity Photo: Select and Change Color

In this tutorial, we will learn how to change the colour of a selected area in Serif's Affinity Photo.

For the purpose of example here, we pick some photo of a lipstick from Pixabay, which is available for free.

We will change its colour from what look like B├ęsame Red (left) to a shade of purple (right).

affinity photo recolour

1) Launch Affinity Photo. By default, you will be in the Photo Persona.

2) Click File > Open... and open the lipstick photo you just downloaded (you can also press + O)

affinity photo load lipstick

3) Pick the Selection Brush Tool.

affinity photo selection brush tool

4) In the context toolbar, you will find that the Mode is set to Add by default. The Width field on its immediate right sets the brush size in pixels.

affinity photo lipstick selection mode width

5) Drag over the baton area and trace out a selection.

affinity photo lipstick add selection

6) Now sometimes there could be a spill over in the selection.

affinity photo lipstick selection spill

7) In such cases, set the Mode to Subtract in the context toolbar and reduce the spill.

affinity photo lipstick selection spill subtract

8) Now this selection can be refined further. Though not a necessity in this case, but if you wish to you can click on the Refine... button in the context toolbar and proceed. An example of such case is already detailed in the previous tutorial here.

affinity photo lipstick selection refine

9) Click on Adjustments located at the bottom of the Layers panel.

affinity photo lipstick layers panel

10) Select Recolour.

affinity photo lipstick layers adjustments recolour

11) Move the Hue slider to the purple shade area (or a hue of your choice).

affinity photo lipstick adjustments recolour hue

12) Set the Blend Mode to Colour.

affinity photo lipstick adjustments blend colour

13) We need to deselect the selection. Click on the Deselect icon at the top toolbar or press + D.

affinity photo lipstick selection select

Here we get our recoloured lipstick!

affinity photo lipstick recolour